"Doing the Spade Work"

Advisory Service Linking Soil Conditioning, Plant Nutrition, Animal Health and Productivity with sound nutrient management.  Independent Fertiliser Advice.

Michael Poulsen

I was brought up on a muddy dairy farm at Clevedon in South Auckland. Having a good Jersey and Ayrshire herd installed my love of seeing animals doing well. Living on a wet farm reinforced the importance of soils and the required management in order for the pastures and therefore cattle to do well.

Attended Massey University for a B. Ag majoring in soil science and production, then milked cows for several seasons before heading off overseas and tractor driving in the UK.

More recently I have been with Altum for 8 years, and Williams and Kettle also as a Field Officer.

I now enjoy living in the Feilding area with my wife Lisa and 3 boys attending the local country school.

A small block grazing Dairy heifers with the obligatory pets, school sports and family activities keep me busy in the weekends.


Ph: 06 323 2847
Cell: 022 161 8607