"Doing the Spade Work"

Advisory Service Linking Soil Conditioning, Plant Nutrition, Animal Health and Productivity with sound nutrient management.  Independent Fertiliser Advice.

Melinda Turner

After living in Wales for 11 years during which I attended agricultural college I moved back to the Southern Hemisphere to further my study and be closer to family. I am now based in Napier, covering the East Coast (Gisborne-Tararua).
After several years in the horticulture and animal science fields I became a fertiliser sales representative. I gained valuable experience during my time in the fertiliser industry however became all too aware of many farmers' being sold unsuitable or too much product in the best interest of the rep's sale figures and not the farm. After a number of clients' asking me to act independently on their behalf I was given the opportunity to join the Nutrilink team that allowed me to take on an independent advisory role.
With my study focusing not only on soil and plant sciences but a strong base of animal science as well, my strength on farm is working in a holistic manner focusing on all soil, plant and animal health factors. From here I can pick up on any inefficiencies or areas of potential and develop individualised nutrient plans to meet each farm's objectives. I am also qualified in farm environmental planning and happy to advise on environmental concerns.


(Adv.Dip.ApplSc, BApplSc, Adv.Cert.Sustainable Nutrient Management)
Cell: 022 165 4396
After Hours: 06 843 5680