"Doing the Spade Work"

Advisory Service Linking Soil Conditioning, Plant Nutrition, Animal Health and Productivity with sound nutrient management.  Independent Fertiliser Advice.

Our Services

  • No obligation consultation on your farm.

  • Review of farm soil fertility and fertiliser history.

  • Assessment of soil health.

  • Discussion of animal health issues.

  • Independent fertiliser advice.






Nutri-Link's continued success is very much reliant on the supply of quality fertiliser products, trace elements and assurance of continuity and accredited standards of laboratory analysis of soil and herbage samples.

To provide, and assure their clients of high standards and quality, Nutri-Link has established, and values the sound working relationships with the following companies, in deliverance of products and services.

Nutri-Link believe that their holistic approach has, after 33 years of operation, and with hundreds of profitable, sustainably managed farms, proved that our philosophies have stood the test of time.

Although Nutri-Link does not own or supply fertiliser products, it is a strong advocate of eco-friendly type and use of fertilisers. Used correctly in appropriate quantities, according to the best information available, most fertilisers used in New Zealand, do not have damaging effects on our environment. Where soils are sensitive to leaching, or other factors indicate, the company
may prescribe reverted, dicalcic and reactive rock phosphates, also organic products to
which may be added macro and micronutrients.

The type of material used however, will be determined by soil type, farm requirements, good economics and availability of supply. Nutri-Link has no prejudice against any material where used appropriately.

The advantages of well established working relationships with major fertiliser supply companies provides Nutri-Link clients with access to the distribution networks, administration and accounting services and other advantages offered by their preferred supplier.



Hill Laboratories

R.J. Hill Laboratories Ltd is the preferred supplier of nutrient analysis and reporting. The quality of their services is recognised internationally.

Both companies have worked closely together since the establishment of Hills Laboratories and regularly exchange information.

Hills wide range of services provides growing opportunity for Nutri-Link to look more diversely at wider aspects of their clients operations.

Nutri-Link advisers concentrate primarily on soil and plant tissue analysis but encourage clients to invest in analytical procedures such as animal blood and tissue, water quality, effluent analysis, feedstuff analysis etc to provide them with adequate information to allow for well informed decisions to be made.