"Doing the Spade Work"

Advisory Service Linking Soil Conditioning, Plant Nutrition, Animal Health and Productivity with sound nutrient management.  Independent Fertiliser Advice.

About Nutri-Link


The Natural Capital of any farm is the quality and health of the soil, plant, and the animal. The Fertility of any farm is the total mass of soil biology, mineral, plant and animal. The relationship between these “fertility” factors, will determine the productive potential and profitability of a farm.

The management of the above, with climatic factors, is what makes farming a vocation of high skills and learning from experience.

Nutri-Link advisors assist each farmer to determine limiting factors that may be corrected, and / or where good practice may be fine tuned.

Management of all the above along with climatic factors determine the productivity of a farm.

Nutri Link advisors assist each farmer to determine which limiting factors may be enhanced, to maximise their productivity and financial return from their Natural Capital and Fertility.


The Tools:

  • Practical experience
  • Observation of soil (using a spade) and plant health
  • Observation of animal health and production
  • Monitoring chemical, biological data from soil, plant and animal tissue.
  • Listening to farmer observations regarding their management practices and concerns.
  • Utilising information from Overseer Nutrient Budget model.


Using the above tools, with Nutrient Management Plans, their expertise and experience, Nutri-Link advisors prescribe specific blends of fertiliser for each farm. These are tailored to meet the necessities required for environmental sustainability, with enhancement of nutrition and health to all aspects of the farm.

Nutri-Link's holistic concept has contributed to the successes of farmers throughout the North Island since 1980 with expansion to the South Island being required as more clients grow their businesses in southern regions.

Sound working relationships with major fertiliser supply companies; include Ballance Agri-Nutrients, Altum, Ravensdown
Fertilisers, Avoca Lime Co, Rorisons RMD.

These companies allow Nutri-Link to provide farmers access to fertiliser blends, incorporating where necessary,
trace elements prescribed specifically for their farm.

As new N products are being trialed and marketed, Nutri-Link is ensuring that we obtain up to date results, and where
we are confident of the economics and sustainability, we will include these companies and products in our recommendations.

All Nutri-Link Directors have completed the Massey University "Certificate of Sustainable Nutrient Management in
New Zealand Agriculture. The rest of the team have also completed or are undertaking the course.